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Uechi Ryu

Karate was developed on the island of Okinawa. Most of the karate systems of Okinawa are indigenous fighting arts, influenced by the chuan-fa arts of southern China. Uechi is unique among these arts, in that it is a true Chinese art (Pangainoon) brought to the island nation by the Okinawan who studied it in China. Grandmaster Kanbun Uechi studied Pangainoon in China from 1897 through 1907 and remained in China to teach this art, a rare privilege, until 1910. The art that Kanbun Uechi brought back to his island home is essentially the same martial system taught in most Uechi schools today. The style has not been simplified or watered-down. Uechi is still the vigorous, hardcore system of fighting/self-defense that it has always been. Uechi is not about: flash, flying through the air, katas performed to music, tie-dye uniforms, or a fast-track to a black belt. Indeed, Uechi is as far removed from the Hollywood version of martial arts as you can get. Uechi is toe-to-toe grunt work; we are the "meat and potatoes" style of the martial arts world. Uechi is a close in fighting system that relies on circular/grabbing blocks, quick/effective hand techniques and low/devastating kicks. The Uechi practitioner is trained to toughen the body so that he or she is as confident in taking a shot as he or she is in delivering one. Finally, Uechi’s rigorous training and the philosophy encouraged in the dojo help to build self-confidence, relieve stress, and foster emotional well being.

Why Uechi-Ryu Karate at the Western Mass Karate Center?

Sensei Brian Stoia has trained in Uechi-ryu for 40 years. He is a 7th degree black belt/first level master. He teaches old-school Uechi. SInce 1990, Sensei Stoia has also studied Chinese and Filipino systems that have afforded him a deeper understanding of the martial arts in general and Uechi in particular. He has melded much of this understanding with his Uechi practice. As such, the Uechi student at the Western Mass Karate Center receives an old-school workout coupled with unique approaches to the training, which provide a more complete and in-depth understanding of the art.

"Karate the way it was meant to be."  ©1998-2013 Hatfield Shubukan, Inc.

Uechi-ryu Karate is not for everyone. But if you like to work hard, if you don't take yourself too seriously (yes, workouts are fun too!), and if earning a black belt is more important to you than having one, then Uechi at the Western Mass Karate Center just might be what you've been looking for. Check us out and let us prove our tag-line to be true.





Adults performing hojoundo (series of warm-up movements).

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