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Master Fu Zhongwen was a student of Grandmaster Yang, Chengfu.  He was

also Grandmaster Yang's assistant teacher. Here he performs part of the long form.

Master Xie Bingcan was a student of

Master Fu Zhongwen.  Here he performs

the first set of Yang Style, long form. 

The late Master Zhang Luping performing

part of the Chen form.  Master Zhang

studied Yang Style with Master Xie.

Master George E. Mattson is the "Godfather" of Uechi in the U.S.  

Sensei Stoia began his training at

Sensei Mattson's Hancock Street dojo (Boston, MA) in June of 1973.

Grand Master Uechi was the son of

Grand Master Kanbun Uechi, for whom

the style is named.

Terrific video that explores why so many Okinawans live to be quite old.  At 3:30 minutes, the film makers visit a Uechi dojo and speak with Master Ryuko Tomoyose, who was/is Sensei Mattson's teacher.

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