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Even after more than 40 years of training in Uechi, I always consider myself a student first and a teacher second.  As for these other arts, with training for all begun in the early 1990s, I am a student first, second and third…with a long way to go to master my level of proficiency.  That said, these arts have greatly improved my Uechi and mesh perfectly with our style.  In fact, one need only look a little bit deeper into his or her Uechi to find the heart of these other martial systems.  Sensei Brian Stoia  


                 (At present, these arts are offered in a seminar format and/or on a rotating basis.)

Yang Style Taijiquan teaches rooting (how to be grounded), softness and whole body power.  These fundamental elements of martial practice, which should already be included in the Uechi practitioner’s “playbook,” are further enhanced with the practice of Taiji.   

Bajiquan teaches explosive/snapping whole body power.  This system lends itself to Uechi’s use of in-close “short power” and its "straight-ahead" approach to combat.  Sanchin’s torqueing hip movement is intensified when “schooled” by Baji practice.    

Modern Arnis is a weapons system that teaches hand speed and hand “intelligence.”  Coupled with its chin na (joint locking) and its concept of “entering,” it is the perfect complement to Uechi’s open-hand and upright-stance style.  

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